Student Pathway

The ILS Introduction to General Insurance Level 1 licensing exam is composed of 200 True or False questions. To pass, you must achieve a mark of at least 80%.

The following steps will help you be successful on your first attempt at the ILS IGI licensing course:

  1. Choose the right course material
    After helping thousands of students successfully pass licensing exams, we know that not all students are alike. With the ILS IGI, ILScorp has developed product suites that cater to students of all learning styles. The options include:

    • Text book and exam only
    • Online text course with exam
    • Online video course with exam
    • Online virtual classroom with exam
    • Immersion course with exam

    Understand your learning style and choose the option that will give you the best chance of successfully passing your ILS IGI Level 1 licensing course. For more information on which product is right for you, visit

  2. Prepare well and study hard
    Concentrate on one chapter at a time. Read through the chapter to get a general understanding of the material and then return to the material and review all key learning concepts. We recommend spending enough time to master the key concepts of each chapter before moving forward. Use your ILS IGI Study Guide to help identify key concepts and your ILS IGI Flash Cards to help identify exam-like questions. For more information or to purchase additional study aids go to
  3. Register for your exam
    Once you have completed the course and you are confident you have mastered the materials covered, call ILScorp at 1-800-404-2211 or go to to register for your exam. All exam details including exam proctor information is available at
  4. Print your certificate then apply to Council for your license. Once you have successfully passed your ILS IGI exam you will receive a certificate of completion from ILScorp. Your provincial Insurance Council requires the certificate as part of the Level 1 license application. Contact your Insurance Council or visit its website for more information on the licensing requirements.

Good luck!

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